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Welcome To Chocolatasm


"My goal is to provide unsurpassed, exciting flavour combinations whilst upholding the unique identity of the chocolate.

Chocolatasm bonbons are all chocolate hand-blended ganache which is complemented with fresh fruits, spices, and infusions enveloped in a layer of highest quality chocolate. 

I feel the integrity of the chocolate should be preserved visually which is why there are no colours added to my creations, and taste-wise, why each bite is first chocolate followed by an accent of other flavours. 

I believe that the experience of chocolate should be one of discovery for the senses and my products reflect that "what am I tasting here?" aspect. 

Chocolatasm solo couverture pieces are hand formed, not molded, from the finest Belgian Couvertures by Cacao Barry and Callebaut, and Guittard from the USA; subtly accented with organic essential oils and are sized to be savoured and pondered upon...

In short, it's all about the chocolate!"  ~Paul John Kearins-The Chocolatier

Our products are 100% made by hand, therefore sizes, proportions and weights of individual items may vary slightly.