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How to order

Welcome to Chocolatasm and thanks for stopping by!

To assist you with your purchase let's cover your ordering options:

All Bonbons are available 'Individually', in a 'Small Box' option, in a 'Medium box' option, and in a 'Large Box' option. Sizes of our other products will be noted in their description.

Individual: allows you to custom select one or more products in a "build your own box" fashion, which will then be packaged according to the quantity ordered. Minimum of 4 pieces, please.

Small: The small box measures 4-by-3 inches and is perfect as a little gift or as a small sampler. Contains 4 pieces.


Medium: The medium box measures 6.5-by-.5.5 inches and is a solid white close-top. Contains 12 pieces or approximately 1/2lb.


Large: The large box measures 8.25-by-6 inches and is a solid white close-top. Contains 24 pieces, weighing approx. 1lb.